Disaster recovery

Downtime, and the associated potential for loss of data and interruption to your business is no longer an option that today’s IT dependant organizations can afford to take.

There are numerous business-disrupting events that could put your business at risk: power blackouts, communication problems, hardware failures, software failures, viruses, natural disasters or man-made disasters, inadvertent or criminal attempts to eradicate or corrupt data, or other unplanned events that could threaten business operations.

Here are the statistics:

  • 28% of IT managers view upgrading disaster recovery capabilities as a "high priority." - Forrester Research
  • 20% say it's a "critical priority." - Forrester Research
  • More than 90% of companies that experience one week of data center downtime go out of business within 12 months. - National Archives and Records Administration
  • Did you know that on average it would take most companies several days to one week to bring their systems back to full capability!!
  • TriNET’s disaster recovery plans and modern highly secure facilities are designed to eliminate or reduce the adverse effects of downtime.  Let TriNET show you how you can restart operations within planning parameters for mission critical applications, people, and processes!

We offer a wide array of online real time replication, co-location, scheduled backup and recovery services as well as Business Continuity plans customized to meet your specific Disaster Recovery requirements, and all designed to protect your data and business.

data recovery

TriNET can facilitate the recovery of tape or disk media in event of hardware failure. We have the solution for all your problems related to lost data. We are dedicated to ensuring that your data is recovered to your satisfaction. Our management fully understands the importance of your data and how it is so vital to the effectiveness of your business.

The data lost could be due to variety of reasons. It generally occurs when the information stored on your computer's hard drive or on diskettes becomes damaged due to voltage fluctuations, improper shutting down the computer, virus attacks, power failures, software faults, and accidentally deleting partitions or formatting the disk.

If you are encountering a data loss situation it is important that you are well informed on how to handle it, so as to minimize the risk of aggravating the situation by taking the necessary actions, thereby improving the chances of data recovery.
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