technology consulting

For over a decade, TriNET has worked closely with vendors like Microsoft, SAP, Infor, Oracle, IBM, and HP to provide expert consulting services, systems integration, disaster recovery support, application hosting and outsourcing support for growing companies of all sizes around the globe.

We have successfully completed thousands of consulting engagements supporting mission-critical business processes for manufacturing and distribution companies. TriNET focuses on delivering value to our customers. TriNET has helped hundreds of customers in North America and abroad to increase the return on their IT Business Solutions investments. The majority of our staff have over 10 years of experience in specific Enterprise Solutions and over 20 years experience in such industries as engineer-to-order project industries, industrial machinery & equipment, aerospace and defense, automotive, distribution, hi-tech & electronics, telecom, primary metals, consumer packed goods, healthcare, aviation, plastics, and process industries.

TriNET delivers the product knowledge, technical expertise, and industry experience to support today's business challenges, and tomorrow’s business opportunities!


baan education

  • Have you just upgraded to a new version and need to bring everyone up to speed?
  • Do you suspect that there are time or money-saving features in the software that users just don't know about?
  • Have you added staff to keep up with the workload only to find out that there are either insufficient or unqualified resources available to train them?

TriNET has the solution

TriNET has maintained an enviable reputation within the consulting community, for providing arguably the best ERP tools and software training available. TriNET offers two kinds of education. Traditional Baan education is addressed to meet the needs of the core implementation team, employing a "train the trainer" approach whereby the end user is then trained by the core team members, or by other more informal means. TriNET has developed a methodology whereby the Baan subject matter is combined with the company's business processes to create relevant real world training. Role Base classes to help new employees get up to speed on their roles in Baan.

On-site and off-site Education Services

TriNET's on-site and off-site Education Services are reasonably priced for Baan custom based courses. They're designed to convey information in a very practical, straightforward manner. Courses typically devote 30% of their time to hands-on workshops, with the balance spent on relating concepts, company specific workflows, and formulas. TriNET's teaching staff of experts draws upon their years of diverse industry experience as well as software knowledge to present the information in a vivid and practical way.To download a PDF of our courses, click here.

Brown Bag Role Based Classes

TriNET has been delivering Baan education for 11years and have expanded our education services. We now offer role based Baan Education. We are calling them Brown Bag Classes designed to be 2 hours, on-line, over an extended lunch to help employees get up to speed on their roles in Baan.

TriNET will provide nine logistics and six finance role based classes every week from 11:00am to 1:00pm CDT and 11:30am to 1:30pm PDT, Monday through Friday. The Classes will be provided in a live on-line format and the attendees can choose between VoIP and phone conferencing.  Each class is $250.00

Try our On-Line Role Based Education for Baan Finance and Logistics!

All courses and classes are available upon request; please contact for details.



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