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Aerospace & Defense


Infor Aerospace & Defense is a set of scalable, business-specific capabilities tailored especially for A&D companies to ensure that their IT infrastructures align with their business strategies. With Infor Aerospace & Defense, you can respond more quickly to customer demand and volatile market dynamics, drive efficiency and profitability, and sharpen your competitive edge. You'll be equipped to meet your business goals faster-even while confronting escalating costs and market complexity.

Our Clients use Infor Aerospace and Defense to: 


  • Strengthen responsiveness to customer needs. 

  • Improve services and product innovation. 

  • Optimize manufacturing processes.

  • Collaborate more efficiently, internally and externally. 

  • Build stronger relationships with their customers.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks by enhancing supply chain efficiency.

  • Manage global macro-economic factors.

  • Comply with stringent regulations and accounting procedures.

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