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Distribution Industry


Built specifically for the needs of the evolving distribution industry, Infor Distribution is a comprehensive solution that integrates relevant new technologies with unmatched flexibility to better serve customers, expand profitability, and sell to the next generation. With Infor Distribution, you can optimize every facet of your operation-from inventory and warehouse management, financials, multichannel sales orders, purchasing, and more. You'll manage transactions with unparalleled visibility across the enterprise, allowing for better and faster decision making. Accelerate your pace of business and your profitability with technology innovations from Infor Distribution.


Our clients use Infor Distribution to:


  • Support the rapidly changing demands of the distribution industry.

  • Operate and grow their businesses locally and globally.

  • Support complex pricing arrangements, rebates, and claims between suppliers, distributors, and customers.

  • Manage a variety of inventory arrangements, including consignment, special orders, non-stocks, storeroom, showroom, vending, vendor managed, etc.

  • Provide buyers with the best information to help them optimize purchase conditions and improve margins.

  • Integrate business intelligence (BI), dashboards, and mobile technology to provide employees with immediate access to the right information to help make better decisions.

  • Improve the conversation between suppliers, distributors, and customers through social technologies and customer relationship management (CRM).

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