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Hospitality Industry


Infor Hospitality is designed to address the specialized requirements of hotels, resorts, casinos, and government lodging agencies. With a full suite of financial and operations applications that help you manage the online and guest experience, Infor Hospitality solutions let your employees focus on improving guest service and enhancing your bottom line. Decrease costs, raise profits, grow your business, and build the loyalty that keeps guests coming back for more.

You'll improve collaboration internally and externally, and get the added security of a PCI/PADSS-compliant solution.

Our clients use Infor Hospitality to:

  • Manage their online reputations in real time.

  • Use mobile technology to streamline operations.

  • Build superior guest experiences.

  • Maximize revenue potential.

  • Influence prospective customers at the point of decision.

  • Make better decisions faster. 

  • Differentiate from the competition with quick and easy access to data via in-context business intelligence.

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