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Enterprise Hosting


TriNET offers a full-service critical application-hosting solutions for mid-market to fortune- 500 sized companies. Our network of partners in the US, Europe and Asia provide a temperature and humidity controlled environments where critical applications and sensitive customer company data are monitored 24 x 7 by a staff of certified professionals. We can host your hardware, host your software on TriNET servers, or any combination in our tier 3 datacenter. 


These services are also available on a temporary basis for projects that require a period of evaluation, development, prototyping or other non-permanent configuration.


Besides hosting, TriNET offers many services to help improve a company and provide the reliability of server uptime including:



Technology Consulting

Our consultants can help save your company time and money. With most of our consultants having 10+ years experience, you can rest assured they will be able to better educate you on your current setup. They can examine your network to determine the best route to take to get the best bang for your buck. They can evaluate and determine if newer software will be needed or the old software can be changed to increase producivity and efficiency.

Baan Education

TriNET has maintained an enviable reputation within the consulting community, for providing arguably the best ERP tools and software training available. TriNET offers two kinds of education. Traditional Baan education is addressed to meet the needs of the core implementation team, employing a "train the trainer" approach whereby the end user is then trained by the core team members, or by other more informal means. TriNET has developed a methodology whereby the Baan subject matter is combined with the company's business processes to create relevant real world training.

Disaster Recovery

Our datacenter has multiple solutions to the typical disasters that can bring downtime to your company. We have a tiered system to keep our clients up and running. TriNET's datacenter is equipped with two airconditions that switch over in case of failure. We are also equipped with UPS backups with automatic fail over in case the power should go out in the building. Extending on top of that, our datacenter is also hooked into a diesel generator that will automatically start if the UPS should fail.

Data Recovery

Each and every client is equipped with their own backup software and backup solution. TriNET has the expertise to provide daily and full backups. This provides us the flexibilty to restore client data in a hurry when  requested. We have the knowledge in tape backups, tape libraries, SAN backups, NAS backups, as well as external drive backups. The backup solution is primarily based on the client's needs. We can also offer a third party to store backups as another fail safe plan in case of emergency.

Managed Services

TriNET, Inc. provides a complete range of Managed Services Programs for your applications, database and networks, designed for companies who wish to focus their resources primarily on key business challenges and opportunities. We offer Application Management Programs that will be custom fit to your requirements. This can be on a project by project basis or for your entire IT infrastructure, applications and database, including e-mail, telecommunications, security, disaster recovery, backup, and data storage. The Application Management offerings at TriNET will allow your company to leverage our Business Acumen, Application and Technical skills, and economies of scale to drive down IT costs, while providing your organization with the opportunity of a heightened level of operational excellence via business process improvements, integration, or enhancements to your application architecture, while addressing competitive strategies and long term goals.

Application Hosting

Evaluation Hosting - Provides a flexible, rapidly implemented infrastructure for evaluating new solutions

Implementation Hosting - Provides assistance to organizations that lack the equipment, bandwidth, time, or expertise to handle implementation alone

Upgrade Hosting - Provides the infrastructure and services for technical aspects of upgrades

Development and Prototype Hosting - Offers hosted infrastructure for development projects and allows the process development, documentation, and sizing flexibility for a host of business scenarios to evaluate solutions

Application Hosting - Handles on going operation of production solutions configured to meet your needs

Remote Application Operations - Remotely manages your APPLICATION solution on hardware that you own, providing 24/7 Tier I, and Tier II solutions.


We can provide mobility services to ensure your ERP software is functional on your tablet or mobile device. This can include strategic planning all the way through device management within the network infrastructure of your ERP software. Following the addition of mobility to your company, TriNET can help you reach out to other markets and expand your business potential.


Along with our application partners, we can help you transform your IT model to focus on your data and processes. With cloud-based computing, your IT group no longer needs to manage hardware, operating systems, databases or applications. 

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